Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sequels and Disappointments

It seems many sequels and remakes walk hand in hand with a Raspberry... the latest instalment of failure to make me cry a little inside is Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li.

The Street Fighter series has a rich background and lore which is quite interesting and much to explore and the game does well in teasing with snippets of the characters past or possible futures and there have been anim├ęs that continued this trend of leaving you hanging and wanting more and when I heard that they've made a new movie of it, I was struck with both trepidation as well as excitement... would it be like the cheesy Van Damme version or will the producers come out with the current trend of excellent remakes (Batman, Watchmen, X Men). I started sniffing around on the interweb and found Kristin Kreuk would be playing Chun Li (she plays Lana in Smallville, I think she's hot but not as much as Allison Mack - plays Chloe Sullivan) and began to start salivating... yes, I'm a bloke, what do you expect?

I've been waiting keenly for the UK release but haven't heard any rumblings and so I had another look and found out that it's been such a flop over the pond that they may not release it here! What... The...

So yes, I've been majorly disappointed again.

Thing with Street Fighter is that although it has a great story, it just may not work as a normal movie and perhaps needs to stick with being animated so you can enjoy the effects more. This is the reason I'm really looking forward to seeing Dragonball and seeing if they can actually pull off animation->movie conversions... bets on another disappointment?

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  1. lol yo dawg, da dragonball movie is menna be shit dawg. my dawg asathecomic on youtube reviewed it and said its dawgshit dawg. and imdb. com gave it a wholesome 3.1, so u aint got much to look forward to dawg. holla at ya boy.