Monday, 30 March 2009

Let's celebrate 'special person appreciation especially for this day'

I know Mothers Day has gone and this post is late, but I still want to get this off my chest.

Why have Mothering Sunday?!

What is the point in celebrating a living person for just one day? Does it give you license to be an ass through the rest of the year or is it because you feel guilty of not treating your mother well daily that you must concoct a 'special day' just for mum?

Only my mother could verify but I'd like to think that I've been good to her everyday. Sure, there have been some bad patches when I was young but that's part of growing up and part of being a good mother is to grow you out of the immaturity and I'd like to think I have and more than made up for all my past misdeeds. I treat my mum to random presents or surprises, help her when I can or when she least expects it etc - I know I'm not the perfect son and I could do a lot more but I do appreciate her every day and she knows that ... yet I still am 'forced' into getting something for one particular day of the year.

I say forced because although it is indeed optional, we've been brought up as children to participate in this farce. From nursery, kids are helped to create gifts to their mothers and the cycle from kids to parents can never end!

Of course, this isn't the only 'treat some especially on this particular day'... you have Fathers Day and Valentines ... the cynical part of me leads me to believe that these are just marketing tactics used by companies to charge 5x for the same goods and the only difference is it's wrapped and has a ribbon on it. A commercial day used to boost sales of otherwise unwanted goods to be bought by suckers.

And yet there I was on Saturday, shopping for my mother and continuing this facade of special appreciation, guilty at betraying my thoughts because I'm part of the system.

Another sucker.


  1. You're absolutely right, Mr K, it shouldn't just be about one day of the year. But the corporate giants have us by our big fat guilty balls.

    So unless there's a radical change, things will continue as they are.

  2. If mothers day weren't around, you wouldn't ever show your appreciation to your mother you ingrate. This way, at least you're forced to show it once a year.
    And you write a blog entry about mothers day but instead of the joy of the day, you decide to complain about the few dollars it rids your wallet of. Nice to see there are still warm hearted people like you in this world.

  3. Heh, I guess someone truly missed the point, like missing a flying hippo flying straight at you!

    I'm not saying you shouldn't appreciate your mother, the point I'm making is that you shouldn't have one day dedicated for this but it should be built into us to appreciate people like your father, mother etc EVERY day.