Sunday, 26 April 2009

Traditions of Stupidity

On the daily commute to work, my friends and I always have some long and thoughtful debates/discussions such as the consistency of poo and Thursday was no exception... we were talking about St George's day and the statement said by one of my friends was that all people who celebrate St George's day are stupid.

The other two passengers were taken back by this broad sweeping generalisation and were arguing against him but I couldn't help but agree, to some extent. Christianity is in a declining state with few people attending church yet everyone would celebrate St George's Day but would they know the significance of the man?

A brief history of St George... a man born from a Roman father and a Palestinian mother who had never set foot in England and died as a martyr for not renouncing his faith. Well, I did say brief history! Oh, legend also has it that he once came across a pagan town sacrificing a girl to appease a dragon and he slay the monster and all the people converted.

So why do the English celebrate St George's Day when most haven't set foot in a church? How many believe that St George was in England? Or that he had a Palestinian mother? The day is to celebrate the life of a man who died for his faith... and in this modern age, many people who do this are labelled as either nutters or terrorists.
Has the meaning lost got lost in translation through the ages and they celebrate St George's character of bravery in adversity? In which case, why not change it to someone else that everyone can relate to?

Can anyone name other traditions that are carried mindlessly?


  1. Pretty strong statements there mate. So what you're saying is if you are a Christian and you don't go to church but you celebrate St Georges day, then you're an idiot right? In other words, if you're going to follow a religion, follow it 100% or don't follow it at all.
    I would gladly bet you money that you don't follow your religion 100%. And if your rebuttal is to say that you may not follow it 100% but near enough, that's pathetic. Who are you to set the limit as to how much percentage of rules abided by constitute a true believer as opposed to a non believer who would be wasting his time by participating in any religion based activities.
    And doing nothing is as good as doing something right? Because God is a piece of shit who won't see any good in any religious activities you do unless you do them all. You're an idiot

  2. I think you've missed the point... you agree St George's Day a religious day then? If so, why should it be celebrated by the greater majority of millions that don't worship Christianity (at more of a level than "oh god please don't let x happen).

    The point I made is that St George's Day is of religious significance to Christians... but how many can truly say they are other than by name? And so these are just doing mindless rituals which is the worst kind of action to do.