Thursday, 26 February 2009

of excess and idiots

Firstly, this morning as I was on the motorway, a driver or passenger in a car ahead of me threw out his cigarette which flicked onto our windscreen and my friend who was driving started cursing them because it is dangerous - natural human instinct is to avoid something coming fast towards you, which is not something you would want to do on a motorway travelling at 70mph!

I won't be ranting at smokers, that's definitely a pet hate (so ladies, if you're interested, make sure you kick the habit before seeing me :p) but litter bugs. Why do some people think it's perfectly ok to just throw away rubbish into public space? By all means I have nothing against you littering your private house, I won't be going inside there, but don't you dare punish me with your lack of decency. It's not difficult to hold onto waste until you find a bin, heck I carry food wrappers with me until I find a bin!

Litter just brings down the area and seeing rubbish blowing on the streets is unsightly and is also damaging to the environment. Wildlife suffers as vegetation is ruined with salty food, birds die from swallowing objects, pests such as rats are drawn to it. Just think, people!

Secondly, I think in this time of recession and cut-backs, my mum is single handedly trying to reinvigorate the economy!

So the other week I come home and my mum greets me in the usual manner by saying "you need socks right?" ... this is one of those questions that women so often ask that there is only one answer to... "yes".
Then she picks up a bag with ten packs of socks in them... each pack contains 10 socks... so mum has just bought 100 socks... I could wear a new pair of socks for a third of a year without needing to use the washing machine! I look at my mum questioningly and she replies with "guess how much they were"... "oh I don't know... £1?" ... mum looks well pleased as she tells me "no no... I got them for 10p per pack".

And two days ago, I come home to find 7 mops propped up in the hallway. Once again I'm thinking "oh mum!" but I think "no, I have 3 aunts and she could be giving 2 to each of them"... I wait for my mum to return from wherever she's gone and once she does, I immediately greet her with "what are those for?". My mum always knows how to surprise me, she says "they're for us".
Yes, that's right folks, we need 7 mops in our house, our huge 3 bedroom terraced house needs these many mops. Else I'm thinking that perhaps mum now thinks I am of age and need to be trained in the secret staff martial arts that have been passed down generation to generation, I always knew there was something cool about me but could never put my finger on it.

However that wasn't the case, once again mum asks "guess how much I got them for?!". I had seen the price tag for them was £4 so I guessed at £1 each but she has a mischievous smile and says "no, I got them for 2p each".

Seriously, I think my mum can run classes on Bargain Hunting!

Now this brings me on to the point, why do some people purchase things just because they're bargains? We don't even need all of these socks and mops but because they're at such a reduced price, my mum had to buy more and yet this same woman has instilled in me the virtues of spending only what I have, throwing away unused/unneeded items, using only what I need and not giving into excess but here she acts in the opposite.

Similarly with vouchers, why do you have to use them because you have them?! Just because you have a £10 voucher for John Lewis that expires at the end of the week doesn't mean that you have to buy something whether you actually need it or not! It is not a bargain if you buy it because it's reduced, it's only a bargain if you buy something that you need that is reduced!

Is this part of a woman's psyche? Do they just disengage their logical thinking and turn into impulsive buyers? I am not the tidiest of people, in fact I'm a bit of a hoarder but I'd like to think that compared to most guys that I'm pretty good and well trained. I like to maintain some sort of order and it's not chaotic and to help, I only purchase items that I need and so my stuff doesn't pile up. But I've found guys in general are similar in that we're sensible for bulk purchases and only go for necessary items whereas women just lose the plot.

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