Sunday, 22 February 2009

All are created equal

This is a strange concept for many yet sought after by most... or as the cynic may say it is a strange concept for those in power but sought after by everyone beneath them. I'll only touch one aspect of this today as it's a rather broad topic to rant about!

I've always wondered why some people receive so much attention. Some 'celebrities' have, what appears, no talent but yet the media hunt and expose every portion of their lives, no matter how humdrum... and possibly worst still are the mindless zombies that read the 'gossip' and are wowed by how 'normal' the lives of these people are and all the while feeding the media monster with their money.

The most recent event that has made me write this entry is the news that Jade Goody (of Big Brother fame) has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I heard about this a week ago and felt sorry for her and her family but only with the sympathy one would show to a complete stranger however the media have leapt on this and the news has blazed on the front pages for several days.

I noticed on Facebook a group was created in support of Jade and there was one entry by someone who was astonished at the hypocrisy of how so many people who were baying for her blood not even a year ago were now supporting her with so much affection... of course he was gunned down for his comments.

I fully stand behind that guy and before I get similarly shot down, let me put my defense up.

Jade Goody came to fame through participating on Big Brother 3. She is probably one of the most famous contestants to have come out of Big Brother in all it's years ... out of notoriety. In her time inside the house, she proved herself beyond the accolade of Stupid, if I was the editor of the Oxford dictionary, I would sincerely consider creating a new word to describe the ignorance shown by her - I felt embarrassed being human, being of the same species.

An example of her level of 'intelligence' (courtesy of our mutual friend, Wikipedia):
Goody thought that the English city of Cambridge was in London. On being told that Cambridge is in East Anglia, she assumed that to be abroad, and referred to it as "East Angular".

As my friends know, geography isn't my best subject. Well, I lie a little... I know more about other countries and position in the world than I do of the geography of the UK. If someone were to tell me a city, I could hazard a cardinal direction but that would probably be the extent of my knowledge... but even I know that East Anglia is in England!

There are countless other examples that show her lack of intelligence... and to think she used to be a dental nurse!

The media were a frenzy of disdain towards her and didn't miss a chance to mock her yet she survived Big Brother for a long time and came out with the most publicity. During her time out of the house, she did what all these reality tv 'stars' do, hose shows and write books. And as most reality tv stars, she was fading out the limelight and would have fizzled out completely if she had not been constantly in womens magazines at least once a month, probably due to Max Clifford, her PR agent who must be the best person at that job, ever.

Then came a celebrity Big Brother a year or so ago where she once again showed her lack of intelligence and said some racial slurs against an Indian actress. I don't doubt that she did not mean them in the way that was emphasised by the media however one must know that certain words are at least taboo. Due to the international aspect of this, news travelled far and wide, effigies of Jade were burnt in India and there were fears for her life. So once again she became infamous.

What little she had in business was reduced as shops would not stock her goods but she remained in the limelight by doing public apologies and trying to become more cultured.

So all in all, my eulogy of Jade would be: ill-educated young woman who rose to fame through public humiliation and brought no worthwile gain to society. Not worth the paper her news is printed on.

However... the tables have turned. The public absolutely adore her and are just bursting with affection and sympathy now. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and recently found it was terminal and she only had months to live. Obviously devestated, she revealed that she didn't want to die unwed and her boyfriend propsed to her and she was married today in a whirlwind wedding.

The heartstrings of women nationwide were plucked and played by the Pied Piper: Max Clifford, who has once again shown his brilliance in PR and generated a fortune for Jade (who in fairness has said that she's only doing this to support the two young children she'll leave behind) and there will be tv interviews and a documentary on her life now... how morbid are the legions of women? I understand the solidarity of women but must you really support this? And most importantly, why her?

She, who has shown tremendous lack of skill, is affected by a life threatening disease and is put as a poster-girl for people in her plight? Why is her life that much more important that any of the other countless women who are/have suffered with cervical cancer? Where are the millions of pounds for the woman down the road with cancer and children? Do you really need a celebrity to highlight the cause and to stir your emotions, are you that fickle? Why do people become angry at those of us who do not share the same unreasonable sympathy because we see all humans as equal?

I await to go down in flames.

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